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The history of ancient civilizations has been studied for centuries, and it is full of fascinating stories and concepts. Ancient history covers a period that began roughly 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia and Egypt, the two earliest civilizations. It includes the rise and fall of empires such as Greece, Rome, Persia and India. Ancient history also encompasses the development of religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.Ancient cultures contributed to our modern world in many ways. For example, they left behind great architectural feats like the pyramids of Giza and Machu Picchu; created complex legal systems like those found in Rome; developed sophisticated irrigation systems like those used in Mesopotamia; invented writing systems such as hieroglyphics; made advances in math and science; cultivated important crops like wheat, rice and maize; developed trade routes that connected far-reaching areas of the world; created powerful military strategies to protect their empires from invasion or conquest.In addition to these accomplishments, ancient cultures shaped our view on life by leaving behind their beliefs about gods or goddesses for us to ponder today. Through their philosophies we can learn about topics such as justice, morality and ethics that still influence our lives. We can also see how these cultures thought about death through practices such as mummification or burial rites. Lastly we can study art forms from all over the world which show how people expressed themselves through literature, music or sculpture during this time period.

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APUSH Ch 41 Terms

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Baroque Era QUiz

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Music Test #2

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Baroque Period

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