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Spanish culture can often be overlooked due to its proximity to other major European countries, but it has much to offer. From the vibrant city centers of Barcelona and Madrid, to the quaint rural villages tucked away in the Spanish countryside, Spain is a country steeped in history and tradition.The architecture of Spain is one of its most recognizable features. Its iconic churches, castles, plazas and cathedrals are some of the most beautiful examples of Spanish architecture from centuries ago that can still be seen today. Spain’s artisans have been admired since Roman times for their skill in creating intricate pieces such as tiles, textiles and pottery. This craftsmanship has been passed down through generations and continues to be a source of pride for many Spanish people today.At its heart, Spanish culture is built upon family values which are deeply rooted in tradition. The family is considered to be paramount in decision making processes both big and small – even when it comes to selecting potential marriage partners. Religion also plays an important role in Spanish culture with Catholicism being dominant throughout the country. This religious influence can be seen everywhere from festivals dedicated to patron saints held across the country each year, as well as daily life where religion pervades all aspects including food customs, social rituals and values around education or work ethic. From flamenco music and dance popularized by gypsies from south-eastern Spain, or traditional bullfighting events that take place during summer fiestas all over the Iberian Peninsula nowhere else will you find such an exciting combination of cultures than those found within Spain’s borders. Whether it’s exploring ancient ruins or indulging on delicious tapas – there’s something for everyone who wishes to experience true Spanish culture.

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