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Theatre has been around since ancient times, tracing its roots back to the 6th century B.C. Ancient Greeks were some of the first to develop theatre as a form of storytelling and entertainment. Theatre was seen as a way to communicate ideas and stories through physical performance, utilizing props, music, costumes and lighting to bring their plays alive. Greek theatre largely revolved around religious festivals in honour of Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility. These performances usually featured three actors on a raised platform in front of an audience seated on wooden benches or grass mats called theatron (from which we get our modern word theatre). The most famous Greek playwright is believed to be Aeschylus, who wrote the Oresteia trilogy in 458 BC – considered one of the most influential theatrical works ever written. By the 5th century BC Roman theatre had developed its own distinct style from Greek theatre; it was more focused on comedic works than tragedy and often included acrobatics and mime acts as well as dialogue-based scenes. This period also saw the introduction of professional actors who were paid for their performances rather than relying solely on amateurs or volunteers like many Greek theatres did. This allowed for more complex storylines that could entertain larger audiences for longer periods of time without having to worry about amateur actors losing interest or focus during performances.The Middle Ages saw a decline in theatrical activity due to growing religious influences across Europe; however, by the 16th century professional theatres began popping up throughout England with companies such as The Lord Chamberlain’s Men (which included William Shakespeare) performing at outdoor arenas such as The Globe Theatre in London. Following this resurgence came other forms of theatrical expression such as pantomime, opera and ballet which helped push European theatre into its current form today.

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