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Russian history is one of the most fascinating in the world. From its humble beginnings as a small nation of nomadic tribes, to the large and powerful country it is today, Russia has always been a land of incredible stories, both good and bad.Russia has had many rulers throughout its long history. In 862, Prince Rurik arrived from Scandinavia and established his dynasty in Novgorod. His successors continued to rule until 1613 when Tsar Michael Romanov came to power. The Romanovs would continue to rule for over three centuries until the Russian Revolution of 1917 brought about a new age for Russia one that was marked by civil war, famine and ultimately Communism under Lenin’s rule.The Soviet Union was created in 1922 after a five-year civil war between those who wanted socialism and those who wanted a monarchy. The Soviet Union lasted until 1991 when it dissolved into 15 separate countries after Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms of glasnost (openness) and perestroika (restructuring). Today, Russia is led by President Vladimir Putin who has taken steps to restore some aspects of the old Soviet state while modernizing others for the 21st century. Throughout its history, Russia has faced many challenges from foreign invasions such as Napoleon’s failed attack on Moscow in 1812 or Hitler’s invasion during World War II to internal struggles such as peasant uprisings or economic problems stemming from communism but it remains an impressive example of resilience through difficult times. It continues to be one of the largest countries in Europe with an economy that is still growing despite recent sanctions imposed by Western powers over its actions in Ukraine and Syria. No matter what time period it finds itself in, Russian history will always be filled with colorful characters who have shaped this country into what it is today: A proud nation with an unshakeable spirit that continues to drive progress even during times of great hardship or uncertainty.

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