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African History is a vast and complex subject that has greatly shaped the world as we know it today. It is estimated that Africa is home to more than 1,000 different ethnic groups, each with its own language, culture, and history. African History encompasses many different time periods, from pre-human life to the present day.The earliest evidence of human activity in Africa dates back to around 3 million years ago during the Stone Age when humans first began using stone tools to create weapons and other objects. During this period of time, humans were hunter-gatherers who roamed the savannas in search of food and resources. As they settled into permanent towns and villages they began farming and herding animals which further developed their societies. This era also saw the beginning of trade networks between regions which allowed for greater cultural exchange as well as technological advancement such as metallurgy and writing.From around 700 BC onwards African History entered into a period known as Classical African Civilizations’ which saw empires such as Nubia, Ghana, Mali, Songhai and Great Zimbabwe emerge across the continent. These kingdoms created powerful trading networks across an area stretching from West Africa all the way up to Egypt in North Africa at times known as The Crossroads of Civilizations’ due to its important role in connecting these different civilizations together through trade routes such as The Trans-Saharan Trade Route (TST). This period also saw great advances in science, artistry and architecture with works like Great Zimbabwe being hailed for their grandeur even today.Around 1500 AD European powers began colonizing much of Africa sparking what is now known as The Age Of Imperialism where Europe gained control over much of the continent leading to a long period of genocide and exploitation that still has effects today (especially among descendants). After World War II however most colonies were granted independence leading to an era knowns s The Age Of Post-Colonialism where African countries have been working towards reclaiming their sovereignty while trying to understand themselves within an international context often fraught with tension due to questions regarding race/ethnicity identity politics etc.. Today African history remains vibrant yet complex with many nations forming unique identities while trying live up both Western ideals simultaneously forging new paths for themselves by taking advantage of globalization opportunities offered by technology etc. We are now entering into a new era where Africans are reclaiming their voices on an international stage so hopefully we will see more progress towards unifying our shared pasts.

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