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The history of civil rights in America is a long and complicated one. From the nation’s founding, African-Americans were denied basic rights, such as the right to vote, own land, or even attend public schools. Despite this reality, African-Americans throughout American history have continuously fought for their rights.In the 1850s and 1860s, during Reconstruction after the Civil War, Congress passed laws that granted African-Americans basic civil rights such as citizenship and voting rights. However, these laws were soon overturned by a series of Supreme Court decisions that declared them unconstitutional. This set back civil rights progress significantly and allowed Jim Crow Laws to take hold throughout much of the South. These laws enforced segregation in all aspects of public life including education and transportation.The fight for civil rights continued in the 20th century with groups such as the NAACP leading boycotts and protests against discrimination in voting booths and other areas of life. During World War II some progress was made when President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 8802 which created job opportunities for African Americans in defense industries. After WWII movements like sit-ins at lunch counters gained prominence as peaceful protests against racial injustice became more popularized by prominent figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcom X and others who sought true equality under the law for all citizens regardless of race or color. Over time their efforts led to new federal legislation like The Civil Rights Act (1964) which outlawed segregation in businesses that served customers from different racial backgrounds; The Voting Rights Act (1965) which forbid any policies that prevented individuals from exercising their right to vote; And The Fair Housing Act (1968) which made it illegal to discriminate based on race when selling or renting property among other things . Today there are still issues surrounding racism however much has been accomplished thanks to those brave individuals who dedicated their lives to fighting for equal treatment under the law regardless of race or color .

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