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Jewish History is a long and multifaceted story that stretches back thousands of years. It is a story full of triumphs and tribulations, joys and sorrows, heroes and villains. Jewish history is the history of a people who have survived against all odds, despite centuries-old persecution and discrimination.The earliest known record of Jewish history dates back to around 1000 BC in Israel. The Hebrew Bible provides an account of the first Jews as they settled in what was then known as Judea (now part of modern-day Israel). During this time, Jews established their own distinctive culture, language, customs, laws and beliefs. They were also subject to numerous invasions by foreign powers including the Assyrians (722 BC), Babylonians (586 BC) and Romans (63 BC). Nevertheless, throughout these centuries Jews managed to maintain their distinct identity despite these external influences.In 70 AD the Romans destroyed Jerusalem’s Second Temple which marked the end of Jewish sovereignty in Israel for nearly two thousand years. During this period many Jews were forced into exile from their homeland resulting in large-scale migrations across Europe and North Africa over subsequent centuries. Despite living under very oppressive conditions many Jewish communities managed to exist through trade networks or by establishing autonomous regions such as Poland’s Vilna Gaonate or Lithuania’s Volozhin Yeshiva during the 16th century. During this time Ashkenazi culture flourished with distinct literature being produced in Yiddish while other areas saw a strong influence from Kabbalistic mysticism which would later become integral parts of Judaism today. In addition to this Sephardic Jews established an influential presence across much of northwest Europe after being expelled from Spain during 1492 when they sought refuge amongst more tolerant cultures such as Holland or Italy where they remained relatively unscathed from persecution until World War II when millions were killed by Nazi Germany’s horrific genocidal campaign targeting all European Jewry . Today there are approximately fourteen million Jews spread out across multiple countries including the United States, Canada , European nations , Russia , South America , Australia , New Zealand among others plus millions more living within Israel itself . While anti-Semitism still exists today it has been greatly reduced compared to past generations due largely towards increased education about Jewish Culture & History along with greater acceptance within society at large .

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