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Technology has revolutionized the way we live. It has made our lives easier and more convenient. We can now communicate with people all over the world instantly, access information at the touch of a button, and travel to places we could only dream of.However, technology has also had its drawbacks. It has made us more reliant on machines, and less capable of doing things for ourselves. It has also created a lot of waste and pollution.Despite its drawbacks, technology is still an essential part of our lives. We need to find ways to use it more responsibly, so that we can reap its benefits without causing too much harm.

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AHIP 2021

115 answers

Business And FinanceDiseasePresentations
author avatar

Philip Rogers


40 answers

EconomicsPresentationsSocial Science
author avatar

Yasmin Alexander

ISM: 8.2

45 answers

PresentationsSocial ScienceSociology
author avatar

Helen Coleman

Ch14 example #40460

25 answers

ArtPolitical SciencePresentationsSocial Science
author avatar

Aria Brown

Business And FinancePresentations
author avatar

Landyn Miller

Ch. 15

80 answers

AdjectivesEconomicsPresentationsSocial Science
author avatar

Lorenzo Henderson

Social ScienceSociologyWireless Security
author avatar

Yoel Rodriguez

Social ScienceSociologyWireless Security
author avatar

Ila Smith

PresentationsProductivity SoftwareSocial ScienceSociology
author avatar

Uziel Murphy

PresentationsProductivity SoftwareSocial ScienceSociologyTyping
author avatar

Alyssa Martin

author avatar

Douglas Cook

Marketing Ch. 18

36 answers

Business And FinancePresentations
author avatar

Paula Simmons

Business And FinanceWord Processing
author avatar

Philippa Collins

Business And FinanceData Entry
author avatar

Jeffrey Edwards

Business And FinanceData Mining
author avatar

Sienna Garcia

BP Quiz 10

125 answers

Business And FinanceDatabase ManagementTraffic Safety
author avatar

Olida Green

Data SecuritySocial ScienceSociology
author avatar

Luciano Diaz

ComptiaSocial ScienceSociology
author avatar

Clark Brooks

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