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Subnetting is a process of creating a network within a larger network. It is used for dividing the available IP addresses into smaller networks so that each one has its own unique set of addresses. Subnetting allows for more efficient routing and easier management of large networks, as it shrinks the size of broadcast domains, increases security through isolation, and improves performance by reducing traffic on larger networks.The subnet mask divides the IP address into four octets or eight bits which are used to identify the network and host portions of the address. To calculate an appropriate subnet mask for any given network, one must first determine how many hosts will be part of that particular network. This number is then used to determine how many bits need to be borrowed from the host portion in order to accommodate the required number of hosts. Once this has been calculated, one can apply this mask to all IP addresses within that particular subnetwork in order to ensure they all follow similar rules when it comes to addressing and traffic routing.There are several advantages associated with subnetting including improved scalability, increased security through isolation, more efficient routing due to reduced broadcast domains, improved performance due to less traffic on larger networks, and controlled access for specific users or applications depending on their need for access control in certain areas of a given network. Additionally, it allows organizations with multiple interconnected networks (such as ISPs) greater flexibility when managing their resources as they can create separate virtual LANs (VLANs) based on user groups or other criteria without having to actually divide up physical infrastructure such as routers or switches.

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