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Inorganic chemistry is a branch of chemistry involving the study of all chemical elements and compounds that do not contain carbon. It is a vast field, which encompasses many different topics, including the study of minerals, metals, and other non-carbon containing substances found in nature. Inorganic chemistry also studies reactions between atoms and molecules to better understand how they interact with each other.Inorganic chemistry has important implications for our everyday lives as it plays an essential role in modern technology and industry. Everything from fuel production to water purification relies on understanding inorganic chemical reactions. In addition, it is used to develop new materials for construction, electronics and medicine. Without these advances made by studying inorganic materials, many aspects of our daily life would be much more difficult or impossible. In terms of its applications ,inorganic chemistry can be divided into several branches such as bioinorganics (the study of metal ion associated with biological systems), environmental science (the study of pollutants), materials science (the development of new materials) and physical chemistry (which deals with the behavior and properties of matter). Overall, inorganic chemistry has had a significant impact on society through its applications in industry and technology, as well as its use for research purposes to further our understanding about how chemical reactions work at an atomic level. As new discoveries are made every day through the exploration of this field it will continue to play a vital role in our lives both now and into the future.

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