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Matter is anything that has mass and volume and can be observed in the physical world. Matter exists in four different states: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Each state of matter has a distinct set of properties that are used to identify it from the other states.Solids have a fixed shape and volume due to their particles being held together by strong intermolecular forces. Solids can be further divided into three categories: metals, ceramics, and polymers. Metals are malleable; they can be bent or hammered into different shapes without breaking them apart. Ceramics are hard materials that are brittle; they crack if too much pressure is applied to them. Polymers consist of molecules joined together by covalent bonds and are often used in plastics due to their flexibility and durability.Liquids have a fixed volume but no definite shape as the particles move around each other freely due to weaker intermolecular forces between them allowing them to flow into molds or take on the shape of whatever container they’re put in. Examples of liquids include water, oil, alcohols, juices, and blood among many others. Gases also have no definite shape or volume due to having even weaker intermolecular forces which allow their particles to move around freely throughout any given space with some examples being oxygen, nitrogen, methane etc.. Gases have lower densities than solids or liquids which means they take up more space per unit mass compared with solids or liquids at the same temperature and pressure making them ideal for filling large containers quickly such as balloons or airbags etc.. Lastly we have plasma which consists of ionized atoms that are scattered throughout an area with strong electric fields which cause their electrons to become detached from their nuclei giving off large amounts of energy when heated thus making it extremely useful in applications such lightning bolts found during thunderstorms as well as fluorescent lights etc.. In conclusion all four states of matter exist in nature with each one having its own unique properties that make it suitable for various purposes ranging from everyday use such as cooking food using liquid water all the way up to more advanced applications like powering spacecrafts through plasma propulsion systems etc.

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