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The French language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with over 220 million speakers worldwide. It is an official language of 29 nations and is spoken in numerous countries around the globe, including Canada and many African nations. French is a Romance language that developed from Latin. It has had a long and influential history, having been the official language of government and education for centuries in countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and parts of Italy.French has a rich vocabulary with its roots in Latin and other languages such as Germanic languages like Old English. It also incorporates words from other Romance languages like Spanish and Italian. French also contains significant influences from Germanic languages due to its use by Norman conquerors after 1066 in England. This influence gave rise to many modern technical terms used for scientific disciplines that are still used today.French has had a huge cultural impact on Europe since it was first spoken during the Middle Ages. Many writers have written great works using this romantic language including Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables’ or Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers’. Today, French remains an important diplomatic language as well as having great importance in international business circles due to its widespread usage around the world. It also continues to be seen as one of the most beautiful and romantic of all the Romance languages due to its lyrical cadence when spoken correctly – something that has made it popular with filmmakers too.

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