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American English is a form of the English language that is spoken by over 250 million people in the United States. It is one of the most commonly used languages around the world, and it is a major lingua franca for international communication. American English has been influenced by many different cultures, and its development has been shaped by the history of immigration to the United States.American English has its roots in British English, but it has evolved over time to become distinct from its parent language. The pronunciation, spelling, and grammar have all changed significantly since British settlers first arrived in America in 1607. As well as these changes, American English has also adopted some words from other languages such as Spanish, Native American languages, French and Dutch to name a few examples. Although there are regional variations across different parts of the United States, there are certain features that are seen throughout all varieties of American English such as pronunciation patterns like rhoticity (the pronunciation of r after vowels) and syllable timing (stressing syllables at regular intervals). Additionally, many Americans use informal contractions like gonna for going to or wanna for want to which can be found elsewhere but are particularly popular in American speech. Today American English remains an important international language used in business communication and even diplomacy between countries with different native tongues. It is also widely studied around the world as a second language due to its prevalence on television shows and movies as well as through music lyrics etc., making it an essential part of modern culture globally.

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