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The Scottish English Language is a dialect of the English language which is native to the people of Scotland. It is spoken by over 1.5 million people across Scotland, and is also used in parts of Northern Ireland. Although it has its own distinct sounds, vocabulary, and grammar, Scottish English is largely mutually intelligible with other varieties of English.The most distinctive feature of Scottish English is its phonology or accent. The accent includes a rolling r sound, as well as the use of words like wee (small) and ken (to know). Other features include frequent use of double negatives in speech and the substitution of certain words for others (e.g., using messages for mail).In terms of vocabulary, there are numerous Scots words not found in standard British or American English such as bairn (child), wee (small), braw (good or handsome), guddle (fumble around) and bonnie (pretty). There are also many Gaelic borrowings such as glaikit (stupid) and clipe (tell tales) which have been incorporated into everyday speech. There are several regional varieties within Scottish English that differ from each other in terms of pronunciation and vocabulary usage. For example, speakers from Glasgow typically use different slang than those from Edinburgh or Aberdeen. Overall, Scottish English plays an important role in the culture and identity of Scotland today. It continues to evolve through contact with other languages while maintaining its unique characteristics at the same time something that makes this dialect truly special.

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