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Pakistan is a nation with a rich cultural and linguistic heritage. The official language of the country is Urdu, but many of its citizens also speak English. In recent years, Pakistan has seen an increasing use of English as both a spoken and written language. This phenomenon has led to the emergence of what is known as Pakistani English Language (PEL).PEL is an interesting phenomenon because it combines features from both Urdu and English. It incorporates features from both languages in terms of pronunciation and grammar, making it unique. For example, some words derived from Urdu are often used in PEL such as mera’ instead of my’ or hamara’ instead of our’. Similarly, PEL also features some spellings which are typically found in Urdu such as ‘badiya’ instead of ‘beautiful’.In addition to its combination of influences, another unique feature about PEL is its use in various contexts in Pakistan. It may be used by people speaking different languages or having different backgrounds and yet still be understood by one another easily while communicating through this language. This can be attributed to the fact that PEL follows the same basic principles found in other languages spoken across the country such as Punjabi or Sindhi which makes it easier for all speakers to understand each other despite their differences. Overall, PEL is an interesting phenomenon that reflects on how languages evolve over time due to their contact with each other and how cultures influence one another when they come into contact too. Despite the fact that there are many aspects about this language which make it distinctive from other forms of English around the world; at its core, Pakistani English Language remains just like any other form an adaptation containing elements from different sources that ultimately helps create something greater than what was before.

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