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The Theory of Computation is the branch of computer science that studies the power and limitations of computing devices. It examines what can and cannot be computed, how efficiently it can be computed, and how to design systems that can efficiently compute a given task. In other words, Theory of Computation is all about understanding the capabilities and boundaries of computers, as well as finding efficient ways to solve complex computational problems.Computer scientists use a variety of formalisms and mathematical models to describe computations. These include Turing machines, recursive functions, lambda calculus, boolean algebra, finite-state machines, random access machines and others. Each of these formalisms has its own strengths in terms of its ability to model certain kinds of computations or approach certain types of problems more effectively than others. The Theory Of Computation also deals with the computability aspects such as decidability (determining whether or not an answer exists), solvability (finding a solution), time complexity (measuring how long it takes for a problem to be solved) and space complexity (measuring the amount of memory required for a problem). As these concepts are more abstract than those commonly studied in engineering classes like data structures or algorithms, they may require more specialized skills from computer scientists to apply them in practice. Finally, Theory Of Computation also includes investigations into topics such as cryptography which often require advanced levels knowledge on both mathematics and programming languages in order to understand them properly. This research is used by cryptographers when designing new methods for secure communication over networks or storing information safely on computers without anyone being able to read or write it without authorization.

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