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Mathematical Analysis is a branch of mathematics that focuses on the study of functions and their properties. It is a broad field that encompasses topics such as differential equations, integration theory, topology, measure theory and more.Differential equations are studied in mathematical analysis in order to understand how different physical phenomena behave over time. Differential equations allow us to model any physical system with accuracy. For example, we can use differential equations to model the motion of objects such as planets or cars. We can also use them to predict future behavior based on current conditions. Integration theory deals with finding the area or volume under a function’s graph and calculating integrals which are useful for solving complex problems related to physics and engineering. Integration techniques provide insight into areas such as thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, fluid dynamics and even economics. Topology is another subfield within mathematical analysis which studies shapes in space without taking into account distances or angles between points; only looking at whether two points are connected by a path or not matters when dealing with topological problems. Topology has applications in computer science (such as game development), chemistry (to explain molecules) and other fields like biology where it’s used for genetic mapping or evolutionary studies. Finally, measure theory studies how certain concepts can be broken down into measurable parts so that they can be easily compared between each other and manipulated mathematically. Measure theory has been applied to numerous fields including probability theory (to study random systems), statistics (for data analysis) and economics (for evaluating economic systems).

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