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European literature is a vast and complex body of work, spanning several centuries and containing works from many different authors. In it, readers can find tales of romance, adventure, and philosophy; stories of heroism and tragedy; descriptions of life in distant lands; explorations of the human condition; and much more. It has had a tremendous influence on the development of literature throughout the world.The roots of European literature can be traced back to ancient Greece, where oral storytelling was popular among the people. The Greeks created epic poems such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey that have been studied for centuries. Ancient Roman writers such as Virgil used Greek mythology as inspiration for their writing as well. During this period, Latin was also used to write down stories that were passed down orally through generations. In the Middle Ages, Christian stories became popular in Europe. Monks wrote accounts about saints’ lives or tales from the Bible in order to educate people about Christianity or spread its message throughout Europe. During this time period there were also various forms of courtly love songs written by troubadours who sang these songs around courts in France and Spain during this era. During the Renaissance period (14th-17th century), classical Latin was replaced by modern languages like Italian, French, Spanish, German and Dutch which allowed more people to read books than ever before due to increased literacy rates across Europe at this time period as well as new printing technologies being introduced into Europe from Asia at this time period too which allowed books to become much cheaper than they had been before. Writers such as William Shakespeare wrote plays with complex plot lines that remain popular today while other writers explored themes like humanism or scientific exploration – both topics which had not been explored extensively prior to this era in literature because they hadn’t yet become mainstream topics in daily conversations yet. In subsequent centuries European literature continued to evolve with new genres emerging such as Romanticism (19th century) where authors focused on emotions or feelings rather than facts creating works like Goethe’s Faust or Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein which are still read today all over the world. Other literary movements like Naturalism (1890s) also rose up during this time period with authors like Émile Zola writing about poverty-stricken classes living under harsh conditions due largely to industrialization taking place around Europe at that time leading readers into a new kind of realism where characters were seen not just through their actions but also through their inner thoughts/feelings too. European literature has shaped our understanding of history and our current culture over hundreds of years. Its stories have provided us with lessons both moralistic and practical while remaining relevant even after centuries have passed since they were first written down on paper. From romance novels set during medieval times all the way up until today’s contemporary fiction & non-fiction works European Literature continues its legacy & influence even now so many years later thanks largely due its immense variety & ability for adaptation over multiple generations.

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