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Fantasy literature is an important genre of literature that has been around for centuries. It is a genre of fiction that often involves magic, mythical creatures, and other supernatural elements. Fantasy literature can be found in books, movies, television shows and other forms of media. It has been used to tell stories since ancient times and continues to be popular today.Fantasy literature is often associated with the fantasy subgenres such as high fantasy, sword and sorcery fiction, urban fantasy, dark fantasy and many more. High fantasy is usually set in an imaginary world with many different characters such as elves or dragons while sword and sorcery focuses more on battles between good and evil forces using swords or magic. Urban fantasy deals with modern-day settings but may include elements from traditional mythology or folklore such as werewolves or vampires. Dark fantasy often focuses on horror themes like death or darkness while lighthearted fantasies tend to focus more on heroic adventures without dark undertones.Fantasy literature can also be classified by its tone which ranges from whimsical stories that are full of humor to dark tales filled with despair and terror. It can also take various forms such as epic sagas that span several volumes or short stories set in a single location or time period. Regardless of its form, most fantasies follow a hero’s journey in which they must overcome challenges before reaching their ultimate goal of defeating evil or saving the world from destruction.The appeal of fantasy literature lies in its ability to transport readers away from their everyday lives into wondrous new worlds where anything can happen if they just believe it hard enough.

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