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Literary criticism is an important tool in understanding literature. It is the analysis and interpretation of literature, examining its themes, characters, structures, forms, and style. Literary criticism is a subjective field that involves making judgments about the quality of literature. These judgments are based on criteria such as originality, beauty, relevance to society and culture, moral values, or author’s purpose. The purpose of literary criticism is to evaluate works of literature in order to gain a better understanding of their meaning and importance.Literary critics often use different approaches to evaluate works of literature. These approaches can include formalism (structure/style), historicism (context/influences), New Criticism (close reading), structuralism (meaning/interpretation), psychoanalytic theory (personality/motivation), reader-response theory (reader’s reaction) and feminist critique (gender roles). Each approach can offer unique insights into the work being analyzed.The history of literary criticism dates back to Ancient Greece where it was used as a tool for educational and philosophical debates on morality and truth in literature. In modern times literary criticism has become increasingly popular thanks to the rise of mass media which has made information more accessible than ever before. This has allowed people from all walks of life to form opinions about works they might not have otherwise come across or had access to before. This widespread availability has made it easier for people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to engage in meaningful discussion about shared ideas within a text or series of texts something that may have been difficult before the advent of digital media technologies such as social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook which allow users from all over the world to comment on books they’ve read or films they’ve watched in real time. Overall, literary criticism offers an invaluable resource for readers attempting to understand works on a deeper level by bringing together different perspectives from multiple readers with different backgrounds & experiences allowing them access points for further exploration & engagement with texts that might otherwise remain inaccessible due solely their own perspective alone.

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