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Archeology is the scientific study of ancient civilizations through their artifacts and remains. It is a branch of anthropology that uses physical evidence such as tools, pottery, buildings, and other objects to learn about the social, economic, political and religious aspects of past societies. Archeology can provide valuable insight into the way humans lived in the past.The main objective of archeology is to understand how society has changed over time by examining material remains from different eras. This involves studying changes in technology, art styles, language development, social structures and much more. Archeologists use a variety of methods to uncover information such as excavation sites where they unearth artifacts or analyze bones for clues about ancient life. Additionally, they use modern technology such as satellite imaging or ground-penetrating radar to uncover new sites or supplement existing research. Archeology is important because it helps us gain an understanding of how our ancestors lived and what shaped their cultures; this knowledge can then be used to inform contemporary society on how best to address current issues we face today. Furthermore, archeology helps us appreciate our past by showing us tangible evidence from civilizations long gone. For example: Ancient Egyptian tombs are some of the most fascinating discoveries in archeology; these tombs offer a glimpse into a powerful era in human history – one that has shaped our modern world significantly. In addition to its historical value, many artifacts discovered are also used for aesthetic purposes like decorative sculptures or jewelry pieces that often find their way into museums around the world. Overall, archeology plays an important role in helping us understand our past which can give us clues as to how best move forward today.

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GLY 1880 Midterm

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