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Landscape architecture is a type of architecture that focuses on the design of outdoor spaces. It involves various elements such as plants, hardscapes, structures and other features that can be used for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Landscape architects are responsible for creating an environment with both form and function in mind. They must be knowledgeable about a variety of topics such as construction, horticulture, terrain analysis, ecology, plant selection and soil science.Landscape architects work to create aesthetically pleasing designs that also serve functional purposes. They often begin the process by analyzing the existing land or site to identify any potential problems or opportunities it offers. Once they have done so, they will then develop a concept design based on their findings which takes into account the needs of the clients while being mindful of budget constraints or other restrictions. This will include sketches or detailed drawings depending on how much information is needed at this stage. After all details are finalized, landscape architects can then oversee the actual implementation of their plans by providing guidance throughout each step in order to ensure that everything is done correctly and according to expectations.The end goal is usually to create an outdoor space that blends together all elements in harmony while still being enjoyable and comfortable for those who use itwhether it be a residential property or public park area. This means paying attention to details such as scale and proportion as well as selecting materials and plants based on climate conditions or other environmental factors like drainage patterns which could influence future maintenance costs etc.. Ultimately though, landscape architecture serves not only practical but also emotional needs by providing people with places where they can relax & enjoy themselves without having to worry about everyday life stresses & responsibilities for a time being.

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