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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is a certification provided by Cisco Systems, Inc. that demonstrates the individual’s competency in networking and related technologies. The CCNA certification validates an individual’s ability to install, configure, operate and troubleshoot medium-sized routed and switched networks. The CCNA certification focuses on various aspects of networking such as installation of WAN links, configuring routers and switches, configuring network security, setting up networked applications such as web servers and email servers, basic troubleshooting of networks and much more. To become a CCNA certified professional one must pass two exams – ICND1 and ICND2. The first exam covers basic networking technology topics like IP addressing schemes, Ethernet concepts & operations, LAN switching fundamentals & configuration etc; while the second exam covers topics such as routing protocols like OSPF & RIPv2 , WAN technologies , infrastructure services , infrastructure maintenance etc. Having a CCNA certification gives you an edge over other job applicants since employers are always looking for individuals who have proven their knowledge in the IT industry through certifications like this one. It also helps individuals stay abreast with the latest developments in the industry since they will be required to demonstrate their knowledge by taking periodic exams for maintaining their certifications in order to remain current with technology advances . In conclusion, obtaining a CCNA certification is a great way for individuals to learn about networking technologies while also giving them an advantage over others when it comes to getting jobs.

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