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Art education is an essential part of a student’s development. It helps to develop creativity, problem solving skills, visual literacy and critical thinking. Art education can have positive effects on the academic performance of students and can also provide an outlet for self-expression. Art education should be made available to all students regardless of background or ability level. Students should be encouraged to explore different mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking and other forms of art making. This will help them to understand the fundamentals and principles of art while building confidence in their own creative ability. Through art education students are able to gain a better understanding of themselves and their environment as well as develop an appreciation for different cultures. Art encourages collaboration between peers which allows for open dialogue and expression that can lead to meaningful conversations about perceptions about life in general or social issues such as bullying or homelessness. In addition, art gives students an opportunity to practice the process from concept development through design execution which will benefit them in later stages in life when they need these skills for work projects or other tasks that require creativity and problem solving skills. Overall, art education is beneficial for both teachers and students alike because it enables them to express themselves freely while learning valuable lessons about collaboration, communication and creative thinking.

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