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Asian art encompasses a wide range of styles, themes and media from many different countries. It has been greatly influenced by various religions, cultures, and philosophies from across Asia, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam. Throughout the centuries Asian art has developed unique forms of expression in painting, sculpture, ceramics and architecture that reflect the rich history of each country.Much of Asian art is characterized by its intricate patterning and symbolic imagery. In Chinese art for instance dragons are often used to represent power and strength while tigers may be used to symbolize courage or ferocity. In India the lotus flower is often used as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment while in Japan cherry blossoms are seen as an emblem of beauty or the fragility of life. These symbols have been passed down through generations to provide viewers with messages about life and death.The materials used to create Asian artwork vary widely but some popular mediums include ink on paper or silk scrolls; wooden carvings; stone sculptures; ceramics; lacquerware; gold leaf paintings; block prints on fabric or paper; architectural elements such as pagodas or temples constructed with stone blocks or tiles. Many works also feature bright colors created using natural pigments such as cinnabar red from mercury sulfide found in China’s Hunan province which was the source for much early Chinese artwork including statues created during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Asian artwork can also be divided by period into traditional ancient art such as Buddhist sculptures from India dating back to 1000 BCE all the way up to contemporary works created today such as modernist paintings from Japan’s Gutai movement (1954 1972). No matter what style it takes on though all Asian artwork has one thing in common: a deep connection between artist and audience that captures both cultural values and individual expressions of emotion allowing viewers to experience a piece like no other work could ever do.

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