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Traffic engineering is a field of civil engineering that is dedicated to the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. It applies theories from the areas of mathematics, physics, psychology, and sociology to solve complex transportation problems. Traffic engineering includes planning, designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining traffic systems across all modes of transportation including highways, mass transit systems, airports and freight railways.The primary goal of any traffic engineering system is to maximize safety while efficiently moving people or goods through a given area. To achieve this goal engineers employ various strategies such as road design standards (including lane widths and speed limits), lighting design standards (including brightness levels), signal timing plans (including turning lanes), intersection management techniques (including signal coordination plans), signage requirements (including warning signs) and pavement surface treatments (including friction characteristics). Engineers also attempt to maximize efficiency by utilizing intelligent transportation systems such as advanced vehicle detection systems which monitor traffic flow in real-time allowing for better signal timing decisions as well as dynamic message signs which provide up-to-date information about roadway conditions to motorists.Traffic engineering has come a long way in recent years with numerous advancements in technology allowing for more accurate modeling of traffic flow patterns as well as more effective application of the principles discussed above. While traditional methods are still employed on many roads today there are an increasing number of cities adopting smart city initiatives that allow for the integration of various technological solutions into their existing infrastructure in order to create safer more efficient roads for all users.

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