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Social and political philosophy is a branch of philosophy that deals with the issues of justice, liberty, and equality. It explores the relationship between individuals, society, and government. It focuses on concepts such as rights, authority, obligation, justice, freedom of expression and thought. It also seeks to understand the obligations of citizens to their government and how governments should protect their citizens’ rights.Political philosophy is closely related to ethics in that it deals with questions of right and wrong behavior in relation to governing systems. Many political philosophers analyze the history behind different forms of government while also seeking solutions to problems they observe in modern politics. Political theories are often based on an analysis of what constitutes a just society or a fair economic system. Some topics addressed by political philosophers include civil disobedience, democracy, human rights violations and global inequality.Social philosophy looks at how individuals interact within various communities or societies as well as how those communities can be structured for collective benefit. This branch looks at topics such as social hierarchy (class structure), racial discrimination or gender inequality in order to understand the impact these issues have on social life. Additionally social philosophers often seek ways for individuals from different backgrounds to interact peacefully without one group dominating another one through power or oppression. The two branches social philosophy and political philosophy are closely related because they both explore questions about justice & fairness while addressing issues arising from within societies & governments alike; however they differ slightly in terms of focus: where political philosophers look more closely at structural inequalities & laws which divide people into certain categories along lines such as socio-economic class or race/ethnicity; whereas social philosophers delve deeper into individual values & beliefs which affect our interactions & engagement with others around us regardless of our external differences.

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