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A Quadrilateral is a four-sided shape with straight sides and angles, classified either as a Parallelogram, Rectangle, Rhombus, Square or Trapezoid. It is the most common type of two-dimensional shape in mathematics and one of the most basic shapes in geometry. The Parallelogram has two sets of parallel opposite sides with equal angles and all four angles are equal. A Rectangle has opposite sides parallel and equal with all four angles being right angles or ninety degrees. A Rhombus has all four side lengths being equal, but the angles will not be right angles. Next is a Square; this shape has all four sides equal in length and all four corners are right angle or ninety degrees. Lastly there is a Trapezoid where only two sets of parallel opposite sides exist; other than that any combination of side lengths can be used to create this shape. Quadrilaterals can be found everywhere from nature to everyday objects such as signs, buildings, cars etc.. Quadrilaterals have a significant role in mathematics when it comes to various proofs within geometry such as Pythagorean theorem which states that the square on the hypotenuse (longest side) equals to the sum of squares on both other shorter legs of right triangle. Quadrilaterals also provide an important basis for geometric figures such as polygons which have more than 4 sides and circles which use quadrilateral’s properties for area finding and calculations related to number pi (Ï€). In conclusion Quadrilaterals play an important role in math due its versatility when it comes to shapes it can create from Parallelogram to Circle by adjusting its parameters such as sizes or angle measures.

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