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Bacteriology is the scientific study of bacteria and their role in health and disease. It is a branch of microbiology that deals with the identification, classification, and characterization of bacteria. Bacteriology also includes the study of bacterial physiology, metabolism, genetics, ecology, pathogenesis, and evolution.The development of bacteriology as a field began when Antonie van Leeuwenhoek first observed bacteria under his microscope in 1676. He was able to use simple microscopes to observe bacteria in water samples from his own home as well as other sources. Although he did not know it at the time, these observations were some of the first steps towards understanding how microorganisms cause disease.In 1857 Louis Pasteur laid down much of the groundwork for modern bacteriology when he successfully disproved spontaneous generation theory by showing that fermentation is caused by living organisms rather than being spontaneous or supernatural in origin. Pasteur went on to develop methods for identifying bacteria including staining techniques that allowed him to identify different species based on their shape and size. He also developed vaccinations against rabies which was one of the first effective treatments against bacterial diseases.In 1882 Robert Koch identified an organism known as Bacillus anthracis which causes anthrax; this work helped to establish Koch’s postulates which are still used today for identifying causative agents for particular diseases. In 1897 Flemming discovered penicillin which revolutionized treatment for many infectious diseases and resulted in a Nobel Prize being awarded in 1945 for this discovery. Today bacteriologists continue to contribute greatly towards improving human health by studying new organisms being introduced into our environment as well as developing new drugs and treatments against existing pathogens responsible for causing serious illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB).

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